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Ignite your intuitive superpower

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We are living in really interesting times right now, as we are being bombarded with new, different and even conflicting data everyday. How do we survive these crazy times, in this age of information overload? Have you wondered how do we begin to thrive inside these current circumstances?
Many of my teachers have pointed out that this current “crisis” has propelled us forward out of the age of information and into the Age of Intuition. This has revealed to me the need to have clear and direct access to our own truth, our own heart, and our own wisdom. Out of our greatest challenges emerge our greatest opportunities, connecting to your own intuitive capacity can be the gift that waits you out of these trying times.

Some frequently asked question answered!
It is a seven week course that you can participate in, in whatever way works best for you.
I encourage you to follow my videos in a step-by-step, week by week process that takes you by the hand through all of the material and I encourage you to participate fully with the calls, as the more you put in the more you receive from the course.
You have two options if you want  to join the calls with questions they are
Q and A sessions.
The first call is on Sunday after the free yoga from 12:30 to 1:30.
The second one is on Saturdays at 11 AM.
All of the links and the information about the calls are on the course.
All the calls are recorded and posted on the course. If you have a question and don’t want  to participate in the calls you can message me with your question and I will answer it on the call.
I understand everybody likes to work differently and if you prefer to have a more private experience then you are welcome to participate that way.

Michelle is a master at "revealing blind spots and guiding you to your goals. I have been impressed by her skills and the practices that she provides, After working with her I have a reinvigorated outlook on life, inspiring positive expectations and confidence in my own abilitites....

Dr Cynthia Scholes

Founder at Mind wave Institute

Michelle is such a bright light I always feel rereshed after doing transformational work with her, or taking one of her workshops or online courses. Her committment and dedication as a teacher and improving the quality of your life is inspiring.

Kathy Aronson

Vice president of E-Commerce


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