Expand Your Intuitive Abilities, Learn the Habits of Happiness & Live the Life You Love

Intuitive Coaching, Happiness Meditations, & Yoga

Are you interested in being a psychic channel or reader? Have you ever wondered what you psychic superpower might be? 

Bookio's here

The best next step on your jouney is to experience the bookio's. These bookios are the most cost effective way to get the experienceof transformation
towards your optimum wellness. This no frills approach provdes you an auio and video format for your accelerated transformative journey.

One on one Coaching

I'm an intuitive guide / life coach. I teach people like you how to access their intuition & spiritual gifts, so you can turn your challenges into opportunities.
I also teach others how to do what I do and you too can be certified as a Lifeguide.

FREE Quizes 

Your journey to greater health and happiness starts here. You can take my free quizes to gain deeper insight into you, your unique energy make up and discover the best personalized tools to support your optimum wellbeing. You can take the Happiness,  Energy Code,  and intuition quiz to discover your archetype & your lunique superpowers.

Online Yoga Workshops

These online yoga workshops offer embodied practices that are capable of transumting lower emotional vibrations into elevated frequencies and can transform negative thoughts into posiitve one. 

Lifeguides Online School

This is a unique and sacred opportunity to dive deep and join me in some guided step by step journeys to transform your life and elevate your vibration into greater happiness and joy in life. This school offers various courses capable of transforming your life into the highest expression of who you can be. 

Habit of Happiness book
and Audiobook

 You can get the book and audiobook here. The book is a practical guide to transform your life, The audiobook contains some potent tools that provide you with the experience of transformation, and elevate your experince of happines in your life and provides the best value.

Find the best magical meditation for you

These meditations have been carfully crafted with your personal healing, happiness and evolution in mind. Do the above free quizes to guide you into your best choice for your personal path of evolution and growth. I have gathered the most potent transformational tools and included them in these powerful transformative practices, that are very affordable and easy to do.


Michelle is such a bright light. I have done transfromational work with Michelle for about 20 years. After speaking with her I always  feel refreshed or taking one of her workshops or online courses. Her committment to improving the quality of lives of those aound her is inspiring. I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a guide to work through challenges or areas you would like to improve in your life. 

Kathy A.

SVP of E-Commerce

Michelle fine tunes the tricky moments in life with her empathetic, clairvoyant insight and sageadvice. Looking at the polarity in life and how to best navigate it. I talk to her often and look froward to her Michelle-isms. She is a natural at personal growth, buisness realtions and matters of the heart with a quick humor to boot. 


Michelle has helped me grow tremendously as a conscious woman navigating this thing called life. She is the most incredibly authentic, intuitive, and loving life coach and person I have ever known and has supported me through some very difficult trajectories in life. She has a very keen sense of the human psyche and  knows exactly how to help you get back on track and live your life in a more positive affirming and authentic way. I am always so impressed with how loving she is and how grounded I feel after speaking with her. Thank you Michelle for all you do! The world is a much better place with you sharing your beautiful insights, profound love and guidance.

Shelley P.

Michelle is amazing. I call her my wise angel because she is so insightful., knowlegeable and accurate guide. She has helped me transform limitation into growth and joyful expereince. I no longer let fear run the show when there are so many techniques she offers to transform that energy for my greater joy. I feel very lucky and blessed to have her in my life.


I really enjoy talking with Michelle. She is wise and compassionate. She encourages me to always see the best in people and assume best intent. (and her approach has given me a new perspective) She encourages me to my own sense of joy and adventure when I'm stuck. I feel very fortunate to know her.



I have worked with Michelle for over a decade now. She has been instrumental in my personal growth through her readings and intuition. Michelle is kind, patient, fun, and always makes herself available to talk with me and help guide me through hard/critical life situations. Michelel's readings are super informative, true, (on point) and inspirational. I have gained clarity, strength as well as inner peace. Her tools such as meditation books and courses have been helpful in my growth and healing. I am grateful for Michelle and recommend her for to anyone seeking insight, growth and self awareness.